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Spatial distribution of the correlation coefficients between the detrended SOS and the detrended pre-season temperature (Teff) (A).

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posted on 05.02.2014, 14:43 by Miaogen Shen, Yanhong Tang, Jin Chen, Xi Yang, Cong Wang, Xiaoyong Cui, Yongping Yang, Lijian Han, Le Li, Jianhui Du, Gengxin Zhang, Nan Cong

Spatial distribution of the duration of the pre-season period used to calculate Teff (B). Only pixels with a correlation that is significant at P<0.10 level between the SOS and Teff are colored. Here Teff is the mean temperature of the pre-season period that has most negative correlation coefficient (closest to −1) with SOS (see details in section 2.2).