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Southern blots showing methylation and repetitivity of selected DNA fragments.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 04:28 authored by Veiko Krauss, Carina Eisenhardt, Tina Unger

Both blots contain five enzyme lanes. CpG methylation is demonstrated by a partial signal shift from lower (MspI lane) to higher molecular weights (HpaII lane). The existence of more than two signals in the lanes may be due to restriction site variability between different copies of the repetitive sequences or due to methylation of the outer cytosine of some MspI sites, which renders such sites resistent to MspI. (A) The 730 bp signal corresponds to the expected internal MspI/HpaII fragment as shown below for the 1862 bp fragment 3–20 (FM985962). (B) The 615 bp signal may correspond to the longer MspI/HpaII fragment of the 835 bp fragment 5–11 (FM985964).