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Southern blot analyses using the TcVI (CL-Brener) probe.

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posted on 2015-03-19, 03:37 authored by Paula G. Ragone, Cecilia Pérez Brandán, Mercedes Monje Rumi, Nicolás Tomasini, Juan J. Lauthier, Rubén O. Cimino, Alejandro Uncos, Federico Ramos, Anahí M. Alberti D´Amato, Miguel A. Basombrío, Patricio Diosque

Each panel shows the electrophoretic pattern of minicircle regions and kDNA transferred to a nylon membrane. Panel A, lanes TcIII, TcV, TcVI, TcV* and TcVI* correspond to DNA of parasite culture from LL051-P24 (DTU TcIII), LL055R3cl2 (DTU TcV), CL-Brener (DTU TcVI), LL014–1 (DTU TcV*) and LL040–1 (DTU TcVI*) respectively; lane 1–4: blood (B), skeletal muscle (SM) and heart (H) samples of mouse infected with TcVI isolate. The asterisk as superscript of the DTU indicates DNA sample from culture of the same inoculated isolate. Panel B, C and D: blood, skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle, respectively, of animals infected with TcV + TcVI (Lane 5–8) and TcIII + TcVI (Lane 9–11).