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Somatic NMDA receptor activation effectively elevates the frequency.

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posted on 19.07.2013 by Joon Ha, Alexey Kuznetsov

(A) NMDA is activated only in the soma for 1 sec ( = 26 mS/cm2). The frequency rises to 25 Hz in response. (B) Simulated whole bath application of NMDA agonist evokes yet higher frequency than the focal somatic ( = 26 mS/cm2). (C) Excessive NMDA activation blocks the oscillations ( = 39 mS/cm2). (D) The dependence of the frequency on the maximal conductance of the NMDA current. The thin curves are for the model without the fast sodium current. A minimum amplitude of 5 mV is set for all calculations of the frequency in order to exclude the small amplitude oscillations.