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Sodium fluorescein concentration in choroid-retina, vitreous, and anterior chamber regions after posterior subconjunctival injection.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 21:03 by Puneet Tyagi, Rajendra S. Kadam, Uday B. Kompella

At 10 and 67.5 minutes after injection, the choroid-retina and vitreous regions had the highest concentrations of 76±6 and 17±13 ng/ml, respectively. Anterior chamber region had a peak concentration of 11±1 ng/ml at 30 minutes. The baseline values for choroid, vitreous, and anterior chamber were 6.5 (±5.53), 1.65 (±0.78), 0.5 (±0.31) ng/ml, respectively. Data is presented as mean± S.D. for n = 4.