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Skull roof of Acamptonectes densus (GLAHM 132588, holotype).

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posted on 03.01.2012, 02:12 by Valentin Fischer, Michael W. Maisch, Darren Naish, Ralf Kosma, Jeff Liston, Ulrich Joger, Fritz J. Krüger, Judith Pardo Pérez, Jessica Tainsh, Robert M. Appleby

A: articulated nasals in dorsal view. B: left nasal in lateral view. C: right supratemporal in dorsal view. D–F: supraoccipital magnified two times with respect to the other bones, in posterior view (D) and in left anterolateral (otic) view (E,F). Note the lateral wing of the nasal forming an overhang on the naris, the narial process of the nasal, the long and straight squamosal facet of the supratemporal, and the weakly arched shape of the supraoccipital. Abbreviations: avsc: impression of the anterior vertical semicircular canal; pvsc: impression of the posterior vertical semicircular canal; ut: utriculus.