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Size relationship of avalanches is only preserved for avalanches smaller than the observation window size.

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posted on 2014-06-13, 03:44 authored by Shan Yu, Andreas Klaus, Hongdian Yang, Dietmar Plenz

(A) Observing an avalanche of size sN1 ≤ N1 predicts the size sN2 of the corresponding avalanche observed in window N2 < N1. This prediction power is lost for sN1>N1. The sizes of nLFP clusters were measured for a window of size N1 and plotted against the corresponding cluster sizes that were obtained for a window half as large, i.e., N2 = 0.5×N1 (monkey 1). Vertical arrows indicate the sizes of the larger window. Shown are averages for each size sN1 (gray symbols) and smoothed lines for better visualization (×: N1 = 20, +: N1 = 40, o: N1 = 80). The smaller window with N2 electrodes was completely contained within the larger window with N1 electrodes. (B) The same as A for the model. (C) The same analysis for various values of the upper cut-off frequency, fhigh (N1 = 40, N2 = 20; monkey 1). (D) The same as C for the model with various settings for temporal smoothing of the raw LSA signal.