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Single nucleotide polymorphisms of TLR’s.

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posted on 11.09.2015, 04:01 by Charles S. Berenson, Ragina L. Kruzel, Catherine T. Wrona, Manoj J. Mammen, Sanjay Sethi

PCR-based RFLP’s were performed with genomic DNA from each participant. Representative agarose gels of shown for: TLR9 (T1237C) (Panel A), TLR9 (T1486C) (Panel B), TLR4 (Thr399Ile) (Panel C), TLR4 (Asp299Gly) (Panel D) and TLR2 (Arg753Gln) (Panel E). Numbers in left margin of each gel correspond to DNA ladder base pairs. Lanes with restriction fragments for heterozygotes and homozygotes of each SNP are distinguishable from restriction fragments for wildtypes. Representative patient samples are shown in each lane of each panel.