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Simulations and performance of the 1D and 2D models in Task 1.

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posted on 07.11.2008, 01:56 by Alex Proekt, Jane Wong, Yuriy Zhurov, Nataliya Kozlova, Klaudiusz R. Weiss, Vladimir Brezina

A: Schema of the task, explained in Results. B: Steady-state excerpts from three representative simulations, with different values of the environmental parameters τ, the time scale of the environment, and f, the fraction of the true stimulus St that is apparent in the noisy perceived stimulus Sp, and with either the 1D or the 2D model. In simulations 2 and 3, Sp is plotted sampled at 1/s, rather than 10/s as in simulation 1, to allow its structure to show through in these compressed plots. C: Performance of the 1D and 2D models, color-coded according to the scale shown on the right, over values of τ ranging from 1 to 1000 s (note the log scale) and f ranging from 1/3, where Sp is pure random noise with no information at all about St, to 1, where there is no noise at all and Sp is identical to St (see Text S1, Section 3.2). The locations of the three simulations in B are marked.


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