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Significance of GWAS Genotyped and imputed SNPs of the 400kb region in chromosomal region of TBXAS1, PIK3C2G and HS3ST5.

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posted on 24.09.2013, 02:29 by Qiang Wang, Bo Xiang, Wei Deng, Junyao Wu, Mingli Li, Xiaohong Ma, Yingcheng Wang, Lijun Jiang, Grainne McAlonan, Siew E. Chua, Pak C. Sham, Xun Hu, Tao Li

A, B, C and D are the results of association analysis of vermisL10, hOC3VL, vermisR10 as QT, respectively. Figure 2 was adapted from LocusZoom [49] output.