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Side-to-Side Phase Consistency and Motor Rhythm Stability are Decreased by Spinal Transection.

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posted on 02.10.2014, 03:27 authored by Timothy D. Wiggin, Jack H. Peck, Mark A. Masino

(A) Polar plots showing the normalized contralateral phase vector sum (gray circle) of each preparation in the experimental group indicated above the plot. Concentric circles are plotted at distances of 0.33, 0.66 and 1.0 from the fixed point; cross-hairs separate the quadrants. (B-D) Plots of mean phase offset (B), mean phase consistency (C), and mean burst period MAD (D) of each experimental group. The bar labeled “S” is the spinalized group. Significant differences are not indicated due to the number of pair-wise comparisons (see text in Results).