Sequence divergence and prediction of B-cell linear epitopes and intrinsically unstructured/disordered regions in L. braziliensis Cathepsin L-like and its orthologs.

Alignment of L. braziliensis Cathepsin L-like (TritrypDB ID: LbrM.08.0830) and orthologous proteins in L. infantum (TritrypDB ID: LinJ.08.0960), T. cruzi (TritrypDB ID: TcCLB.509429.320), H. sapiens (RefSeq ID: NP_003784.2) and C. familiaris (RefSeq ID: XP_005631485.1). The yellow boxes mark predicted B-cell epitopes, and the gray boxes mark predicted disordered regions. The continuous black underlined amino acid sequences in the LbrM.08.0830 protein represent one potential B-cell epitopes predicted by Bepipred, and the colors highlight amino acids conserved between the T. cruzi, C. familiaris and H. sapiens sequences and L. braziliensis.