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Sensitivity to copper chloride, zinc chloride and hydrogen peroxide.

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posted on 2013-06-04, 00:24 authored by Naeem Anwar, Xiao Hui Sem, Mikael Rhen

A) Optical densities of overnight wild type S. Typhimurium and different scs mutants grown in the presence of CuCl2. This sensitivity is reversed by trans-complementation using the cloned scsABCD genes on plasmid pNA10 for ΔscsABCD mutant. B) shows equal sensitization to ZnCl2 for wild type S. Typhimurium and its Δscs mutants. C) Loss in viable count of the wild type S. Typhimurium strain after exposure to H2O2. Values are given as percentage relative to a hydrogen peroxide deficient control. *** = p≤0.001 D) Relative indices of viable counts of different scs knockouts compared to wild type reveals sensitization only for the ΔscsA mutant. ** = p≤0.01, *** = p≤0.001. Error bars indicate standard error of the mean.