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Sensitivity of antibodies in sandwich ELISA when paired with an antibody to full length protein.

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posted on 20.12.2011, 00:23 by Michael C. Brown, Tony R. Joaquim, Ross Chambers, Dale V. Onisk, Fenglin Yin, Janet M. Moriango, Yichun Xu, David A. Fancy, Erin L. Crowgey, Yida He, James W. Stave, Klaus Lindpaintner

Standard curves were processed with four parameter curve fitting software and sensitivity expressed as the amount of antigen that could be detected at an OD 650 nm of 0.1 absorbance units above background. Each symbol represents the sensitivity for each pool of 2 rabbits. There are 3 constructs per protein for each of the DNA-Ab and Pep-Ab methods and a single data point for the pool from full length native immunization (FLP-Abs).


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