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Sensitivity analysis for main parameters tested.

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posted on 28.08.2014, 03:03 by Priscilla Ambrosi, Juan Sebastian Chahda, Hannah R. Koslen, Hillel J. Chiel, Claudia Mieko Mizutani

A–D) Contours represent a drop of 0.01 in fit (square root of the sum of square differences between the gradient produced with the parameter values showed in the y and x axis and the gradient produced with wild type melanogaster parameters), with exception to (A), in which the drop in fit is 0.0094. A) Example of all simulations within highly robust regions of the model (ki x R). B) Example of gyn (“i”) and D. busckii simulations (“b”) that fall within less stable regions of the model compared to other samples. C) Lowering Dl export rates (ke) in D. sechellia (“d, arrow”) and D. simulans (“c, arrow”) allows good fits for these species after correcting for nucleus radius (r). D) Simulations of D. simulans that rely on drastic changes in only one parameter, in this case, kb, fall within unstable regions of the model (compare “c” white and yellow dots indicated by arrows.) a, D. melanogaster; b, D. busckii;c, D. simulans,d, D. sechellia;e, D. yakuba;f, D. santomea;g, dl−/dl+;h, ssm; i, gyn.