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Selection of the most suitable reference genes for circadian analysis in the hippocampus of rats.

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posted on 16.10.2015, 03:50 by Evelin Antonieli da Silva Santos, Thalita Ewellyn Batista Sales Marques, Heloísa de Carvalho Matos, João Pereira Leite, Norberto Garcia-Cairasco, Maria Luisa Paçó-Larson, Daniel Leite Góes Gitaí

Expression stability measurements for the 8 reference genes calculated by geNorm (A) and NormFinder (B). The x-axis from left to right indicates the ranking of the genes according to their expression stability; lower values indicate higher expression stability. C) Determination of the optimal number of reference genes for normalization by geNorm. The Software calculates the normalization factor from at least two genes at which the variable V defines the pair-wise variation between two sequential normalization factors.