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Seasonal Utilization Distributions (UDs) of bluefin tuna.

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posted on 2015-02-11, 03:00 authored by Pablo Cermeño, Gemma Quílez-Badia, Andrés Ospina-Alvarez, Susana Sainz-Trápaga, Andre M. Boustany, Andy C. Seitz, Sergi Tudela, Barbara A. Block

The locations of the tuna were examined for the (A) spawning period (i.e. May 15 to July 15) and the seasonal periods of (B) spring, (C) summer, (D) autumn and (E) winter. UDs were computed using the Kernel method through the ad hoc method (h = Sigma*n^(-1/6), Sigma = 0.5*(sd(x)+sd(y))). The graphs show the UDs cumulative frequencies up to 95% (the color attributed to a given percentage p applies to areas comprised between p and p–1% isopleths).