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Sea surface temperatures outside Disko Island.

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posted on 14.05.2013, 11:37 by Henrik Seth, Albin Gräns, Erik Sandblom, Catharina Olsson, Kerstin Wiklander, Jörgen I. Johnsson, Michael Axelsson

Sea surface temperatures recorded by ships of opportunity between 1860 and the summer of 2010. The location was just outside of Disko Island at coordinates: Lat. 70N, Long. 54W. The white line represents the average temperature over the year and. the red and blue lines represent the average of the three warmest months (July, August, September) and the three coldest months (December, January, February), respectively. The red arrow denotes the summer temperature in August 2009 when the experiments were performed. Graph is based on NOAA NCDC ERSST version2 - Improved extended reconstructed global sea surface temperature data based on COADS (