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Score plot of PCA performed on the spectral count data of glutamate-treated groups (GLUs) and AGS-IV-treated groups (AGS-IVs) (Pentagram, GLUs; Triangle, AGS-IVs).

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posted on 2015-05-11, 03:09 authored by Rongcai Yue, Xia Li, Bingyang Chen, Jing Zhao, Weiwei He, Hu Yuan, Xing Yuan, Na Gao, Guozhen Wu, Huizi Jin, Lei Shan, Weidong Zhang

Proteins meet the following filter criteria were included for PCA: (1) the number of unique peptide identified more than 2; (2) protein identified at least four out of six samples; (3) statistical significance (P < 0.05) were obtained by Student’s t-test (GLUs and AGS-IVs).