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Schematic summarizing the lineage tracing experiments to define the fate of ghrelin-labeled cells in the pancreas of Ghrl-Cre;R26-TOM mice.

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posted on 12.12.2012 by Luis Arnes, Jonathon T. Hill, Stefanie Gross, Mark A. Magnuson, Lori Sussel

Ghrelin-expressing cells are rare in the adult pancreas; however cells that formerly expressed ghrelin or their progeny contribute to the final set of endocrine cells in the islet, specifically within the alpha and PP cells. Interestingly, not all α and PP cells are descendants of ghrelin-expressing cells, suggesting that two distinct populations of glucagon- and PP-expressing cells inhabit the adult pancreas. Moreover, we identified Neurog3-independent ghrelin-expressing cells that have the potential to contribute to exocrine and ductal tissue.