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Schematic representation of EFG domain arrangement and EFG II-specific indel regions.

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posted on 04.08.2011, 02:32 authored by Tõnu Margus, Maido Remm, Tanel Tenson

EFG domain structure is represented by the rectangle, domains being colored as follows: green – domain I, blue – domain II, cyan – domain III, ruby – domain IV, and orange – domain V. The bottom rectangle represents the first domain (GTPase domain) in detail, the conserved motifs G1 – G5 are colored in dark blue, switch I in red, switch II in yellow, G′ motif in olive green and the negatively charged region in the G′ motif is colored magenta. Indel regions in EFG II analyzed in this our study are labeled by Roman numerals I–XI.