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Schematic overview of ICEclc and the location of the genes relevant to this study.

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posted on 19.06.2014, 15:19 by Nicolas Pradervand, Sandra Sulser, François Delavat, Ryo Miyazaki, Iker Lamas, Jan Roelof van der Meer

(A) ICEclc integrated form with the two flanking 18-bp repeats (as black rectangles, attR and attL). Previously determined gene regions are placed at their approximate location. Important functional regions are depicted as grey boxes accompanied by legends. + or -, indicate the orientation of the coding strand for the respective gene(s) (the + strand being the one of intB13). clc genes, chlorocatechol degradation; amn genes, 2-aminophenol degradation. kb, kilo-basepairs. (B) Detail of the mfsR operon. Arrows, predicted open reading frames (the right-to-left orientation indicates the minus strand). Triangles, positions of the Tn5-mediated kanamycin gene insertions (nucleotide positions indicated below, according to the AJ617740.2 numbering). Regions deleted in this study are displayed as white bars with the names of the mutations noted below. The hooked arrow indicates repression by the mfsR gene product on the PmfsR promoter. (C) Detail of the fragments inserted by mini-Tn7 delivery for complementation of mfsR and tciR deletions. (D) BlastP-predicted domains for each of the three regulatory genes in the mfsR operon. C and N, carboxy and amino terminus, respectively.