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Schematic of the homemade measurement set-up for combined mode measurements.

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posted on 03.11.2008, 01:56 by Murali Krishna Ghatkesar, Hans-Peter Lang, Christoph Gerber, Martin Hegner, Thomas Braun

For more information see also Braun et al. 2007 [15]. An array of silicon cantilevers was mounted onto a piezo element. A sinusoidal excitation signal generated from a network analyzer swept the requested frequency range vibrating the cantilevers (1). The laser beam deflection detection technique was used to monitor the response of individual cantilevers (2). A frequency analyzer (3) compared input- and output signals and continuously recorded amplitude and phase spectra (4) as well as static deflection (bending) of the cantilevers (5). NOSETools software was used to analyze the spectra and extract the mass adsorption on the cantilever (postprocessing, 6). [5], [15], [21], [35] A scanning electron microscopy image of a cantilever array is shown in the supplemental Figure S1.


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