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Schematic of the density-based tests to identify SCD.

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posted on 2014-12-09, 02:45 authored by Ashok A. Kumar, Catherine Chunda-Liyoka, Jonathan W. Hennek, Hamakwa Mantina, S. Y. Ryan Lee, Matthew R. Patton, Pauline Sambo, Silvester Sinyangwe, Chipepo Kankasa, Chifumbe Chintu, Carlo Brugnara, Thomas P. Stossel, George M. Whitesides

Both versions of the SCD-AMPS are designed to separate dense red blood cells present in SCD from whole blood. Blood passes through the phases—top (T) and bottom (B) for SCD-AMPS-2 and top (T), middle (M), and bottom (B) for SCD-AMPS-3—upon centrifugation. If sickled cells are present, they collect at the interface between the bottom phase and the seal (B/S), and provide a visual readout for the presence of SCD. In SCD-AMPS-3, the additional phase allows the discrimination of Hb SS from Hb SC by evaluating the distribution of red cells at the upper interfaces (between the top and middle phases (T/M) and the middle and bottom phases (M/B).


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