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Schematic of nanoATV cellular uptake and tissue distribution.

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posted on 05.01.2016, 14:53 by Andrea L. Martinez-Skinner, Mariluz A. Araínga, Pavan Puligujja, Diana L. Palandri, Hannah M. Baldridge, Benson J. Edagwa, JoEllyn M. McMillan, R. Lee Mosley, Howard E. Gendelman

Balb/c mice are injected with nanoATV directly into the peritoneum. This leads to an inflammatory reaction in which primarily granulocytes are induced. The nanoparticles are taken up, principally by macrophages and to a lesser degree by granulocytes. These cells and unincorporated nanoparticles leave the blood to reach Kupffer cells in the liver, splenic macrophages and other phagocytes including those in lymph nodes. In tissue the macrophages encase and store the drug particles in endosomal compartments.