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Schematic of frequency distribution and specificity of functional connectivity networks.

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posted on 30.04.2015, 03:32 by Long Qian, Yi Zhang, Li Zheng, Yuqing Shang, Jia-Hong Gao, Yijun Liu

Fig 2a represents the histograms of HWF of IMF1 to IMF5 using CEEMD (n = 161, ε0 = 0.04), which is the same as Fig 1d. These IMFs occupy different frequency bands in a descending order (IMF1: 0.11–0.22 Hz; IMF2: 0.05–0.11 Hz; IMF3: 0.025–0.05 Hz; IMF4: 0.01–0.025 Hz; IMF5: 0–0.015 Hz, respectively). Fig 2b–2f denote the group-mean inter-regional correlation matrices of each IMF component (AAL template, 90×90 correlation matrix, only the positive value was presented), and the number from 1 to 90 represents the corresponding ROI in AAL template, for details, refer to Table 1.