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Schematic model illustrating how miR-3906 controls [Ca2+]i homeostasis in fast muscle cells during differentiation.

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posted on 31.07.2013, 01:50 by Cheng-Yung Lin, Jie-Shin Chen, Moo-Rung Loo, Chung-Ching Hsiao, Wen-Yen Chang, Huai-Jen Tsai

Overexpression or knockdown of either miR-3096 or homer-1b causes an imbalance between miR-3096 and homer-1b, resulting in disturbing [Ca2+]i homeostasis in the fast muscle cells during differentiation. At this developmental stage, miR-3906, which is transcribed from its own promoter, decreases [Ca2+]i through inhibiting the translation of homer-1b mRNA and causing the reduction of Homer-1b protein. This fine-tuning of the protein amount of Homer-1b by miR-3096 allows homer-1b to be present at a normal level in order to maintain [Ca2+]i homeostasis, thus ensuring normal fast muscle differentiation.