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Schematic diagram of the structure of the EDNRB2 protein.

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posted on 2014-01-23, 04:26 authored by Keiji Kinoshita, Toyoko Akiyama, Makoto Mizutani, Ai Shinomiya, Akira Ishikawa, Hassan Hassan Younis, Masaoki Tsudzuki, Takao Namikawa, Yoichi Matsuda

Black circles indicate the positions of amino acid substitution in the mow and mo alleles. The Cys244Phe substitution in the mow allele was located in the extracellular loop between the putative fourth and fifth transmembrane (TM) domains of EDNRB2. The other three substitutions were identified at the mo locus: Thr8Ile and Thr15Ala in the N-terminal amino acids that constitute the cleaved peptide signal, and Arg332His in the sixth TM domain. The Arg332His substitution of EDNRB2 was previously reported in the panda (s/s) plumage mutant of Japanese quail (Miwa et al., 2007). The grey-shaded rectangles represent the TM domains.