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Schematic and graphs illustrating the experimental approach (A) and results (B–E) for animals treated with vehicle followed by CORT.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 22:24 by Olagide W. Castro, Victor R. Santos, Raymund Y. K. Pun, Jessica M. McKlveen, Matthew Batie, Katherine D. Holland, Margaret Gardner, Norberto Garcia-Cairasco, James P. Herman, Steve C. Danzer

A: Experimental protocol for the vehicle-first treatment regimen. Video-EEG was monitored continuously throughout the entire regimen, with each period corresponding to 1–2 weeks. Twenty-four hour EEG segments quantified for epileptiform activity are denoted by arrows. The color of each part of the timeline corresponds to the bar color in the graphs shown below. B: CORT treatment significantly increased the number of epileptiform events relative to all other periods. C: CORT treatment significantly increased the total duration of epileptiform events relative to all other periods. Vehicle treatment also significantly increased the duration of events relative to the 1st baseline period. D: No significant effects of vehicle or CORT treatment on seizure frequency were found. E: Mean seizure duration was statistically equivalent among treatment groups and baseline periods. Bar graphs show means ± SEM. *, p<0.05.