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Schematic Representation of the T2SS and T4P gene clusters in UTI89 and CFT073.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 06:37 by Ritwij Kulkarni, Bijaya K. Dhakal, E. Susan Slechta, Zachary Kurtz, Matthew A. Mulvey, David G. Thanassi

The E. coli K12 and ETEC homologous T2SS gene clusters are shown in black and red, respectively. T4P genes are shown in blue. For the K12-T2SS, the E. coli K12 gene names are listed above the arrows and the generic gsp nomenclature is given below. The OM secretin genes are indicated by the hatched arrows. The open arrows are genes that do not show homology to any of the known T2SS or T4P genes.