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Schematic Model of the Hrp Regulation Cascade in R. solanacearum

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posted on 2013-02-21, 13:19 authored by Marc Valls, Stéphane Genin, Christian Boucher

A plant signal is sensed by the outer-membrane receptor PrhA and is transduced to PrhJ through PrhI/R [63]. HrpG is the key/central component that integrates in the cascade at least three signals, as its activity depends on the plant host contact [16], bacterial metabolic signals related to growth conditions [17], and a phc-dependent quorum sensing signal [18]. HrpG regulates the expression of the TTSS apparatus and effector genes (through HrpB activation), and it controls as well the newly described HrpB-independent functions that also contribute to pathogenicity. Rounded forms symbolise proteins, and open arrows, gene sequences.