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Scatter plot of gene expression levels.

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posted on 18.04.2012, 00:36 by Sebastian Thomas Balbach, Telma Cristina Esteves, Franchesca Dawn Houghton, Marcin Siatkowski, Martin Johannes Pfeiffer, Chizuko Tsurumi, Benoit Kanzler, Georg Fuellen, Michele Boiani

A) NT fast and NT slow largely overlap (5 genes differently expressed, red/blue dots), B) ICSI fast and ICSI slow also largely overlap (34 genes differently expressed, red/blue dots), C) NT and ICSI show great differences in gene expression (218 genes differently expressed, red/blue dots). D) Fold-change of gene expression in ICSI fast versus ICSI slow and NT fast versus NT slow. Red dots, oocyte/1-cell-specific (maternal) transcripts; blue dots, 4-cell/blastocyst-specific transcripts (embryonic); black dots, transcripts not different between maternal and embryonic stages; grey dots, transcripts not represented in downloaded data sets. Embryonic transcripts are over-represented in fast ICSI embryos.