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Scatter-plot comparisons of gene expression and functional classes of BUGs and BDGs.

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posted on 25.11.2014, 03:04 by Arjun Sham, Ahmed Al-Azzawi, Salma Al-Ameri, Bassam Al-Mahmoud, Falah Awwad, Ahmed Al-Rawashdeh, Rabah Iratni, Synan AbuQamar

(A) Normalized expression value for each probe set in wild-type plants infected with B. cinerea at 18 hpi (Wt-18) is plotted on Y-axis; value in wild-type plants sampled before B. cinerea treatment (0 hpi; WT-0) is plotted on X-axis. (B) BUGs; and (C) BDGs at 18 hpi compared with 0 hpi in wild-type. Gene identifications for 1498 BUGs and 1138 BDGs were entered for this analysis. Error bars are SD. GO categories significantly over- or under-represented at p<0.05 are shown in black. Normalized frequency of genes to the number of genes on the microarray chip was determined as described elsewhere [72].