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Scanning-independent translation initiation is less influenced by low dose oxidative stress.

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posted on 29.08.2013, 07:57 by Andreas Czech, Sandra Wende, Mario Mörl, Tao Pan, Zoya Ignatova

(A) Polysomal profiles of untreated or arsenite treated HeLa cells. (B) Schematic of the plasmid used to monitor cap-dependent and IRES-dependent translation initiation. Inhibition of cap-dependent, Rluc (C) or IRES-mediated, Fluc (D) translation upon exposure to oxidative stress. HeLa cells expressing the bicistronic construct encoding Rluc under the CMV-promoter (scanning-dependent translation) and Fluc under the CrPV-IRES (non-scanning controlled translation) were exposed to different arsenite concentrations for various times. Addition of DMSO to the cells served as a control. Data in (C) and (D) ± SEM are normalized to the first data point for which the activity was set as 100.


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