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Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images of control SI samples (A), and tissues decellularized with 1.5 M NaCl (B), 3 M NaCl (C), 5 M NaCl (D), 0.1% SDS (E), 0.3% SDS (F), 0.6% SDS (G), 0.1% triton X-100 (H), 0.3% triton X-100 (I), 0.6% triton X-100 (J), 10 min SC (K), 20 min SC (L), 30 min SC (M), 10 min UV (N), 20 min UV (O) and 30 min UV (P).

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posted on 2013-06-14, 00:31 authored by Ana Celeste Oliveira, Ingrid Garzón, Ana Maria Ionescu, Victor Carriel, Juan de la Cruz Cardona, Miguel González-Andrades, María del Mar Pérez, Miguel Alaminos, Antonio Campos

Scale bar represents 50 µm.