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Sac1p is involved in cdc34-2-dependent apical growth.

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posted on 03.09.2013, 02:13 authored by Jia-Wei Hsu, Lin-Chun Chang, Li-Ting Jang, Chun-Fang Huang, Fang-Jen S. Lee

Yeast strains cdc34-2, pre1-1 pre4-1, cdc53-1, cdc4-, JY25, cdc34-2/vps74Δ, pre1-1 pre4-1/vps74Δ, cdc53-1/vps74Δ, cdc4-/vps74Δ, JY25/vps74Δ, cdc34-2/sac1Δ, pre1-1 pre4-1/sac1Δ, cdc53-1/sac1Δ, cdc4-/sac1Δ, and JY25/sac1Δ were grown to mid-log phase and then transferred to 37oC for 6 h. The morphologies of these cells were visualized using microscopy.