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S. aureus-induced p38 MAP kinase activity is attenuated in circulating neutrophils with high ISG expression.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 17:00 by Kenneth C. Malcolm, Jennifer E. Kret, Robert L. Young, Katie R. Poch, Silvia M. Caceres, Ivor S. Douglas, Chris D. Coldren, Ellen L. Burnham, Marc Moss, Jerry A. Nick

Time-course of phospho-p38 MAPk phosphorylation induced by (A) S. aureus, or (B) P. aeruginosa was measured by ELISA at 6 time points over 2 hours; stimulated (closed symbols) or unstimulated neutrophils (open symbols) and either normal (black; upper panels) or high ISG expression (red; lower panels). The shaded portion indicates the ΔAUC. Mean ± SEM is shown. Phospho-p38 MAPk ΔAUC values from a phospho-p38 MAPk time-course were determined in neutrophils in response to (C) S. aureus, and (D) P. aeruginosa with normal (black) and high ISG expression (red). Median values are indicated by the like-colored bars; ARDS normal ISG (n = 58 in panels A and C, and 49 in panels B and D), ARDS high ISG (n = 22 in panels A and C, and 18 in panels B and D). *, p<0.05.