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SP-A enhances expression of SP-R210L in alveolar macrophages in vivo.

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posted on 12.05.2015, 02:54 by Linlin Yang, Marykate Carrillo, Yuchieh M. Wu, Susan L. DiAngelo, Patricia Silveyra, Todd M. Umstead, E. Scott Halstead, Michael L. Davies, Sanmei Hu, Joanna Floros, Francis X. McCormack, Neil D. Christensen, Zissis C. Chroneos

Alveolar macrophages were isolated by lung lavage and processed for Western blot (A) and densitometry analysis (B) using polyclonal anti-SP-R210 antibodies. ***p<0.001, n = 8 WT mice and n = 6 SP-A-/- mice from two independent experiments.