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SEM micrographs and photographs of contact areas on Rodac plates (24-h incubation) of untreated (a, b) and plasma treated (c–f) microstructured titanium surfaces without biofilm (experimental treatment sequence IV).

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posted on 20.02.2013, 14:00 by Stefan Rupf, Ahmad Nour Idlibi, Fuad Al Marrawi, Matthias Hannig, Andreas Schubert, Lutz von Mueller, Wolfgang Spitzer, Henrik Holtmann, Antje Lehmann, Andre Rueppell, Axel Schindler

Plasma treatment of the titanium surfaces was performed using either a mean plasma jet power of 3 W (c, d) or 5 W (e, f). No surface alterations were detected after plasma treatment of microstructured titanium surfaces. (Magnification: SEM a, c, e: ×10,000). No microbial growth is detectable on Rodac plates after plasma treatment (b, d, f).