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SCN ablation eliminates intrinsic circadian patterns of activity and food intake in group-M.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 08:02 authored by Irina V. Zhdanova, Ken Masuda, Sergey V. Bozhokin, Douglas L. Rosene, Janis González-Martínez, Steven Schettler, Eric Samorodnitsky

A & B Double plots of continuous activity recording (left) and corresponding daily profiles (mean value per hour; right panel) of activity (black) and total food intake (red) in M2 before (A) and after (B) electrolytic ablation of the SCN. Black line in A (left plot) highlights the intrinsic free-running rhythm in CDL (τ = 24.3 h), with no such rhythm following the SCN ablation (B). C Similar plots during the period of restricted feeding (RF) in CDL, illustrating entrainment to 24-h period of food availability following SCN lesion. Blue line - onset of food access, black line - end of food access.


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