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SBVII Sub-Network View of Linear Relationships among Variables.

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posted on 2013-02-06, 01:38 authored by Carl J. Yeoman, Susan M. Thomas, Margret E. Berg Miller, Alexander V. Ulanov, Manolito Torralba, Sarah Lucas, Marcus Gillis, Melissa Cregger, Andres Gomez, Mengfei Ho, Steven R. Leigh, Rebecca Stumpf, Douglas J. Creedon, Michael A. Smith, Jon S. Weisbaum, Karen E. Nelson, Brenda A. Wilson, Bryan A. White

Pearson's (between parametric data) and Spearman's (between non-parametric and either parametric or non-parametric data) correlations >0.6 (green) or <−0.4 (red) are shown as edges connecting patient metadata relating to demographics, hygiene and sexual behaviors and sexual practices, OTUs, microbial genera, metabolites and patient symptoms. Figures presented represent sub-networks of the complete network (Fig S2). Node identities are listed or described in the key. The identities of numbered metabolites are listed in Table S2.


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