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Root transcript abundance for Cm-PAP10.1, Cm-PAP10.2, Cm-RNS1 in nine melon accessions under P replete and P starved conditions.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 06:15 authored by Ana Fita, Helen C. Bowen, Rory M. Hayden, Fernando Nuez, Belén Picó, John P. Hammond

Relative transcript abundance for (a) Cm-PAP10.1 [MU46092], (b) Cm-PAP10.2 [MU50216], (c) Cm-RNS1 [MU47003] in different melon accessions grown hydroponically with a full nutrient solution (Control, light grey) or nutrient solution containing no phosphate (NoP, dark grey) for 21 d. Transcript abundance was measured using quantitative PCR (Q-PCR) and expressed relative to that of the housekeeping gene (Cm-Ubiquitin). Grey bars with the same grey letter are not significant different at P<0.05 by Newmans Keuls multiple range test.