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Root mean square error (RMSE) and relative RMSE (RRMSE) values of surface reflectance as a function of the wavelength for targets H1–H4 and M1–M15.

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posted on 12.06.2013, 02:14 by Si-Bo Duan, Zhao-Liang Li, Bo-Hui Tang, Hua Wu, Lingling Ma, Enyu Zhao, Chuanrong Li

A: RMSE and RRMSE values between the non-uniform Lambertian surface reflectance derived using Equation (7) and the in situ surface reflectance for targets H1–H4 and M1–M15 in bands 13–108. B: Same as Figure 16A, but surface reflectance greater than 0.5 in bands 13–108 is excluded.