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Roles of Ago1 isoforms in the shrimp immune response against WSSV infection.

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posted on 2012-11-29, 01:31 authored by Tianzhi Huang, Xiaobo Zhang

To characterize the roles of Ago1 isoforms in the antiviral immunity, shrimp were injected with WSSV and isoform-specific siRNAs. Shrimp were injected simultaneously with WSSV and the low or high concentration of Ago1A-siRNA (A), Ago1B-siRNA (B), Ago1A/B-siRNA (C) or Ago1C-siRNA (D), respectively. As control, WSSV+control siRNA and WSSV only were included in the injections. At 48 h post-inoculation, the shrimp from each treatment were subjected to quantitative real-time PCR to quantify the expressions of Ago1A, Ago1B, and Ago1C (left). The solutions used for injections were shown in the box. At the same time, the WSSV loads in shrimp were monitored by quantitative real-time PCR (right). The statistically significant differences between treatments were represented with asterisk (*P<0.05). Lane headings showed the solutions used for injections.


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