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Role of SfiA and SlmA in the delay of cell division following a chronic DSB.

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posted on 29.10.2014, 03:12 authored by Elise Darmon, John K. Eykelenboom, Manuel A. Lopez-Vernaza, Martin A. White, David R. F. Leach

Graphs displaying the cell length distribution in micrometers of sbcDC+ and ΔsbcDC E. coli cells containing or not the chromosomal 246 bp interrupted palindrome (PAL). Error bars show the standard error of the mean of 4 independent experiments investigating 350 cells each. (A) In a wild-type background. (B) In a ΔsfiA background. (C) In a ΔslmA background. (D) In a ΔsfiA ΔslmA background.