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Risk of ischemic heart disease in relation to the traditional risk factors and delivery of a small for gestational age infant in a multivariable analysis.

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posted on 2012-03-14, 02:13 authored by Radek Bukowski, Karen E. Davis, Peter W. F. Wilson

Multivariable logistic regression model of preterm birth included all investigated traditional risk factors for ischemic heart disease and SGA. IHD, ischemic heart disease. SGA, delivery of a small for gestational age infant, a term live born infant with birth weight <2500 g. No SGA, prior delivery of a term live born infant that was not small for gestational age. Smoking, smoked at least 100 cigarettes in lifetime. Low fiber diet, less than 25 g of fiber consumed daily. Antihyperlipidemic med., use of antihyperlipidemic medication at the time of examination. BMI, body mass index≥30. Inactivity, number of hours spent daily watching television or in front of the computer. Income, annual household income reported in $5,000 increments. Detectable cotinine, serum cotinine concentrations ≥0.05 ng/mL. Alcohol, no alcohol use comparing to a moderate <15 g/day alcohol consumption. Total cholesterol, total serum cholesterol ≥240 mg/dl. LDL cholesterol, LDL serum cholesterol ≥160 ng/ml. HDL cholesterol, HDL serum cholesterol <35 mg/dl. Triglycerides, serum triglycerides ≥200 mg/dl. Serum CRP, serum C-reactive protein ≥1 mg/dl. Hgb A1c, concentration of Hemoglobin A 1c >5.6%. OR (95% CI), population weighted odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals of ischemic heart disease in women with prior live term birth. The odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals were obtained using weighted logistic regression accounting for the sampling scheme of the survey and adjusted for all risk factors of ischemic heart disease.


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