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Results from lipomics analysis showing effect of PF-04620110 on tissue levels of two of the most abundant free fatty acids: Oleic 18:1n9 and Arachidonic acid 20:4n6 in rat jejunum.

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posted on 04.11.2011, 01:55 by Ahmed E. Enayetallah, Daniel Ziemek, Michael T. Leininger, Ranjit Randhawa, Jianxin Yang, Tara B. Manion, Dawn E. Mather, William J. Zavadoski, Max Kuhn, Judith L. Treadway, Shelly Ann G. des Etages, E. Michael Gibbs, Nigel Greene, Claire M. Steppan

Represented in raw values (umol/g tissue, panel A) and normalized values (% of total free fatty acids, panel B). Symbols indicate significance from vehicle with P value thresholds of <0.001 (*), <0.005 (∧), <0.01 (∼), <0.05 (+) for n  =  8 rats per treatment group.