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Results from crosses between H. m. melpomene and H. m. rosina.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 21:02 by Luana S. Maroja, Rebecca Alschuler, W. Owen McMillan, Chris D. Jiggins

Individuals are shown as a composite of the ventral and dorsal side of each wing (left dorsal, right ventral). Unexpectedly the F1 brood was segregating for presence of yellow hindwing bar (22 out of 44 individuals). Half of the individuals with yellow hindwing bar had a fuzzy bar (n = 11) as show in this picture; the other half had a yellow bar similar to the maternal race (n = 11). Brood sex ratio was skewed towards males (3∶1). Numbers below phenotypes indicate number of individuals (#) with each phenotype and results of Yb locus genotyping (presence of paternal allele a1: presence of paternal allele a2). All individuals with yellow hindwing bar had the paternal allele a1 whereas all individuals with paternal allele a2 had a shadow hindwing bar.


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