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Results from a non-reversible discrete phylogeography analysis of HCMC clades at the district level (21 states).

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posted on 02.06.2011, 02:42 by Jayna Raghwani, Andrew Rambaut, Edward C. Holmes, Vu Ty Hang, Tran Tinh Hien, Jeremy Farrar, Bridget Wills, Niall J. Lennon, Bruce W. Birren, Matthew R. Henn, Cameron P. Simmons

The significant connections at Bayes factor 3 are shown on the map of HCMC. The districts are colored by the number of normalized out-degree connections, where yellow, orange and red indicate low, intermediate, and high, respectively. The number of significant connections to and from a location (district) is represented by the bar chart in terms of in-degree and out-degree respectively. The districts along the x-axis are ordered by increasing population density. Map Data © 2011 OpenStreetMap Contributors, CC-BY-SA.