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Responses of genes related to gene-silencing systems by RDV infection.

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posted on 2011-03-22, 02:40 authored by Kouji Satoh, Takumi Shimizu, Hiroaki Kondoh, Akihiro Hiraguri, Takahide Sasaya, Il-Ryong Choi, Toshihiro Omura, Shoshi Kikuchi

The log2-based differential expression ratios (signal intensity in RDV-infected plant/signal intensity in mock-inoculated plant) of genes after infection with RDV strains are indicated by green (suppressed) or red (activated) colors of various intensities. Only the ratios of genes that were declared as a DEG in at least in one plant by an RDV strain are shown. Numbers in bold are the differential expression ratios of genes declared as a DEG (see Materials and Methods).